Welcome to our Investor Relations Hub!

This landing page will serve to keep our valuable shareholders and interested parties in the know about GRWC. 

Grow Condos has become Grow Capital, Inc. This rebranding gave us the flexibility to better represent who we are are. 

We moved our headquarters to Henderson, NV where we’ve secured professional office space thats perfect in size yet scalable to fit us as we grow. 

Having our headquarters in Henderson keeps our operations away from the mercy of extreme weather and physically allows the talent I’ve secured to support our company to meet in person more regularly. 

We’re working on cleaning up some out-of-date information on the internet, however the world wide web is a big place full of dusty corners so you’ll probably see some old branding here and there. 

Visit this page often for updates about the latest at GRWC and exciting contract and product announcements from Bombshell Technologies. 


Jonnathan Bonnette

Grow Capital: We believe there's enough knowledge and research to take a global view of where profits undeniably and steadily flow, acquire those niche companies and raise our stock prices so everyone wins.